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(ISSN 0426-2700)

The REPORT OF NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF FIRE AND DISASTER (formerly REPORT OF FIRE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF JAPAN) is a nonprofit research journal published semiannually by the National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster (formerly the Fire Research Institute). The journal offers a broad range of research findings and disaster investigation outcomes obtained by the institute. It contains original papers, technical reports, articles, and reviews written by our research and investigation staff. It also contains reprints of papers published by the NRIFD staff in external journals and proceedings (*).

*) Because of copyright protection, reprints of research papers presented in other journals and proceedings are missing in the PDF files that are available at the following links.

Although most of the content is written in Japanese, English abstracts are available in most cases. The list of titles for all volumes in both English and Japanese can be obtained here.

We hope that by sharing even a small part of our research and investigation outcomes, those who seek to improve disaster prevention, preparedness and responses can find useful ideas or potential solutions.