Ensuring the results of our research serve an even wider audience

To ensure the results of our research serve an even wider audience, they must be employed at firefighting institutions and reported to the general public. To this end, the NRIFD opens the institute to the general public and pursues a variety of PR activities.

Opening to the public

ph_open_houseDuring Science and Technology Week each April, we hold an open house to provide the general public with opportunities to better understand our research efforts and achievements. We also conduct facility tours for firefighting personnel and the general public upon request.

National Fire-Defense Engineers’ Conference

We hold this conference each year to promote relations between firefighting institutions, and improve firefighting and disaster prevention technology. Participants from all over the country come here to present research papers and exchange information.

Fire Defense and Disaster Prevention Study Seminar

ph_seminarWe hold this seminar each year as a platform for announcing the outcome of our research to as wide an audience as possible. Its main purpose is to disseminate the results of our research and identify future research needs.

Fire Investigation Conference

We hold this conference in big cities around the country about five times a year to improve the fire cause investigation techniques of firefighting headquarters. In an effort to share knowledge and experience, participants exchange case studies about unusual types of fires as well as information and ideas about science and technology that can be employed in fire cause investigations.

Official commendation of distinguished achievements relating to fire-defense equipment development and scientific papers

In an effort to advance firefighting technology, and stimulate firefighting and disaster prevention activities, we invite firefighting organizations and the general public to submit scientific papers on firefighting and disaster prevention, and ideas to improve and develop firefighting equipment. Distinguished submissions are officially recognized by the Director-General of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. Submissions are accepted starting around June each year, and the award ceremony is held in March of the following year.

Technical exchange/joint research

In an effort to enhance firefighting and disaster prevention research across a broad spectrum of areas, we conduct joint research with domestic and overseas universities and research labs. We also actively seek research students from firefighting organizations, trainees from universities, and researchers from overseas organizations.

Research profile corner

In the research profile corner you can observe the newest firefighting and disaster prevention facilities and equipment on display and learn of research achievements through the introductory PC or panel presentations. NRIFD always provides an open environment so that it may help people understand fire defense and disaster prevention better to increase the general public’s appreciation of it.

Research profile cornerResearch profile corner