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Basic information

Organization name National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster
Address Jindaijihigashi town 4-35-3, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8508,JAPAN How to access
Telephone +81-422-44-8331
Representative Director 鈴木 康幸 Yasuyuki Suzuki
Establishment April 2006 History
Operational activities
  • Ongoing implementation of research and development related to fire and disaster prevention.
  • And support implementation of the investigation into the cause of fire, to spills of hazardous materials.
  • Firefighting support as a group of experts in the event of a disaster, special large-scale.
  • Build and maintain a relationship of science and technology cooperation of fire fighting.
  • Holding public lectures and conferences of the research, technology and research related to fire fighting.
  • Commendation of paper to contribute to fire and disaster prevention equipment, research exchange and joint development.


Organization chart


Fire and Disaster Investigation Division

This division plays the central role in NRIFD’s fire cause investigation and activities for responding disasters including the on-site investigations of special fire and disaster cases and investigation support rendered upon request to the fire defense headquarters of autonomous bodies. Fire investigation office organized under this division provides various other services including the construction and analysis of fire case databases, information provision, appraisal service, organization of appraisal training courses, and technical support to training activities.

Research Planning Division

This division undertakes planning, PR activities, and development support. Its mission is to ensure efficient management of the institute by disseminating information, identifying society’s needs especially from the view point of emergency response, and effectively coordinating within the institute.

Research and Development Division

This division undertakes research & development for supporting firefighting and disaster prevention activities by placing particular emphasis on such research themes as are demanding immediate attention or are desired strongly by society. The following five laboratories are organized for the purpose.

  • Large-Scale Fire Lab.
  • Hazardous Materials Lab.
  • Hazmat Facility Lab.
  • Earthquake and Natural Disaster Lab.
  • Special Disaster Lab.


1948 The Fire Research Institute was founded (as a divlsion within the National Fire Defense Agency).
1961 The Research Division was established.
1963 The Research Division was expanded and divided into the First Research Division and Second Research Division. The Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute was established,and control of official testing business was transferred to this institute.
1969 The Third Research Division was established.
1982 A deputy director general (research planning director) was appointed.
2001.4 The National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster (NRIFD) began operations as an independent administrative organization. The Research Planning Division, Fundamental Research Division, and Project Research Division were set up.
2002.4 The Fire Investigation Office was established within the Research Planning Division.
2006.4 The NRIFD was dissolved as an independent administrative organization and reorganized as a research institute within the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The Fire and Disaster Investigstion Division,Research and Development Division, and Reseach Planning Division were set up.
2009.4 The Research Planning Division was discontinued, and a chief of planning for community-based cooperation was appointed.
2016.4 A chief of planning for community-based cooperation was discontinued, and the Research Planning Division was established.


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