An actual fire-department reconnaissance robot.The robot was developed based on research resulrs.It detects flammable or poisonaus gas and worns of such risks.Firefighters are exposed to risk when they attempt to fight fires and rescue at the site of a nuclear accident or terror strikes. Robots can prove useful in replacing firefighters in such dangerous situations. We are developing a robot system for supporting firefighting efforts to ensure the safety of firefighters and reduce the burden on them. We have thus far developed a ladder robot that can climb up and down high-rise buildings that are unreachable with ladder trucks, and a robotic wall system that protects victims from radiation during accidents such as the criticality accident that occurred at the JCO uranium processing facility.

We are now developing robots that move behind firefighters, like ducklings following their mother, and memorize the route along which they move. The robots are small in size, but each one will be used by firefighters to automatically transport people they rescue to a safe place. They will also prove useful in transporting materials and guiding firefighters when they retreat from the site.

The base module we are using for the robot is the FRIGO series that we developed. The FRIGO series consists of FRIGO-R, which is oriented toward expandability for research purposes, and FRIGO-D, which is oriented toward practical applications for actual robots. We are planning to expand the practical applications for FRIGO-D by improving its water, dust, explosion, and impact resistance. We are also conducting studies on coordinating with various firefighting headquarters and deploying the robots in actual practice runs.

Concept of the robotib wall system

All actions are implemented by controlling the leader robot

Robots carrying injured disaster victims