2003 explosion of an RDF storage silo at a refuse-derived fuel(RDF) power plant in Mie PrefectureExplosions frequently occur at recycling plants. The 2003 explosion of the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) storage silo that occurred at the RDF power plant in Mie Prefecture sent deadly debris flying through the air, killing two firefighters. We are conducting R&D on methods for extinguishing fires in RDF storage silos and methods for reducing the damage from explosions, so that such heart-breaking accidents will never happen again.

As part of this research, we are attempting to shed light on the hidden hazards inherent in the accumulation or heating of massive amounts of recyclable materials at recycling plants. This includes continual studies on how flammable gas mixtures are generated within such plants, and in the event that they explode, what sort of forces the plant itself would be exposed to. By comparing the results of these studies to case studies of abnormal events at recycling plants, we will be able to make general prediction on destructive phenomena and the extent of their effects. We plan on using this research to draw up a list of precautions for reducing the risks associated with firefighting efforts.

RDF-5 (created by crushing flammable refuse and then pressure forming it)Infrared image og the burning RDF storage silo

Extinguishing test performed on a hypotherical fire at an Indoor waste processing plant The fire is being extinguished using a dual fluid nozzie.