2004 accident caused by the rupture of a secondary cooling pipe at a nuclear power plant in Fukui PrefectureNegative pressure is maintained by forced ventilation systems in nuclear power plants to prevent leakages of radioactive substances. Nuclear power plants also have a mix of facilities that handle hazardous materials, flammable gases, and high-temperature/high-pressure steam, as well as massive electrical facilities. The 2004 accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture resulted in five fatalities due to high temperature steam shooting out of a secondary cooling pipe that ruptured. Also, in 2006, there was a fire in a radioactive waste processing building at a nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture.

We are conducting research to shed light on the nature and behavior of fires that occur in special environments with forced ventilation. We plan on using our research results to draw up a list of precautions for fighting fires at nuclear power plants and create guidelines for use in fire-response training.

2006 Nuclear power plant fire in Fukui Prefecture