Explosion at raw garbage trearment facility in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2003The number of fires and accidents occurring at facilities that store and treat vast quantities of waste has been on the rise in recent years. Sparking from impact and friction as well as the chemical reactions that arise in the processes carried out at waste treatment facilities can result in fires that may potentially develop into major disasters. We are elucidating the processes that lead to the ignition of waste and conducting R&D on fire prevention measures and firefighting systems tailored to the characteristics of specific types of fires.

In addition, environmentally conscious efforts related to waste reuse have been on the rise in recent years, and many renewable fuels, including biomass fuels, are emerging. However, their associated hazards, including the risk of ignition from heat buildup when storing large quantities, are largely unknown. We also conduct research on implementing ¡Èsafe recycling,¡É and assess the hazards associated with renewable fuel.

Examples of reusable fuels

Measurement resuits for the heat release rate of refuse-deriver fuel(RDF)

Test for reproducing an explosion at a raw garbage treatment facilit