About HydroxylamineThe chemical, oil, and waste industries have experienced numerous fires and accidents in recent years.
We study their causes and performs risk assessments on materials that have the potential to cause disasters. Based on our test results, it was found, for example, that hydroxylamine, a chemical substance used in the washing of semiconductors and the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and pesticides, has the equivalent explosive force of dynamite, and that when in the presence of metal ions, such as iron, it becomes unstable and may suddenly explode.
The results of this research led to the 2001 revision of the Fire Service Law in which regulations were set in place for facilities that store hydroxylamine. These regulations are related to their location and structure, the deployment of qualified administrators and the installation of firewalls.

International collaboration is indispensable in the field of risk assessment for hazardous materials. We actively pursue joint research with domestic and overseas universities and research labs, and as part of these efforts, are participating in round-robin tests. In these tests, research labs from around the world use the same test methods and samples to conduct risk assessment tests on substances, and based on their findings, they assess the universality of such test methods.

Results of a combustion test on a hydroxylamine solution